“Pure Coconut Bliss” Cake … with a Cherry on Top
May 21, 2012

Coconut Bliss Cake ( side view ) with a reindeer's nose ( a cherry ) on top !

Coconut Bliss Cake ( side view ) with a reindeer’s nose ( a cherry ) on top !

"Coconut Bliss" Cake

Coconut Cake with a cherry on top! ( Two cherries actually )

“Pure Coconut Bliss” Cake … with a Cherry on Top

 What’s to know about a coconut cake?

One bite and you will say,

I think I know what it’s like to taste

the taste of a wintry day.

 White fluffy flakes, lay atop cakes

stacked 3 or 4 times high …

Such beauty is this … what pure southern bliss!

Oh, who can resist? …

 Not I!

  Coconut Bliss can kiss away

a dismal day,

and how beautifully

 her almonds lay,

and pecans fall upon graceful slopes

of endless, pure vanilla;

 And how coveted is her resting space,

with glory and honor, she’ll take her place,

and all eyes will meet her elegant grace …

 As front and center she stands;

And at the table she’ll be

in her own remote land,

far from crumpets and tea;

far from strawberry flan,

  And far from the cream puff,

and far from the tart …

( They’re all far away, on a plain dessert cart ) …

She’s a true southern belle

and a true work of art,

   and you’ll fall for her heart

 and that bright cherry too;

just like that swift, Christmasy reindeer

who flew,

and guided a sleigh from

New York to Peru.

 Like a nose, cherries glow; against coconut snow,

as unified tones of  low ahhs and low ohhs

surround every nook of each house and each home,

for a sight such as this …

 “Pure Coconut Bliss” …

( with a cherry on top )

      Written by: Linda Ghostwriter

 Email me at lghostwriter@yahoo.com





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