This is another blog from me, Linda Ghostwriter. You may have come in contact with me from my advice blog at  instantadvice.wordpress.com . Well, here I am again with a blog that documents last year’s my cake journey. Please allow me to explain.

Last year Years ago, I fell in love with baking. I was especially interested in baking cakes, so despite my busy day-to-day; I decided to bake at least one cake ( or baked dessert ) per month, for one year.  Of course, I already love to write, so for each blog entry on this blog; I’ve decided to share a photo (or two) of one of my cakes, and attached to the photo will be either a poem, commentary or short story of some sort, written by me … just to make it fun! Clearly the one cake per month quest is over and has been for quite some time, but I will still on occasion, post my delectable treats and write about them!

As far as writing step by step instructions or recipes for each cake, I don’t plan to do much of that, but if you have questions or want a recipe for any of the cakes in which you see, please let me know. Keep in mind, that this blog is mostly for inspiration and entertainment, and my hope is that the photos of my delectable treats will inspire you to go and bake a sublime creation of your own … I hope this blog will give you ideas of what to bake for your next social gathering or for that special someone, and I hope my writing brings you pleasure as well! Remember, that I am in no way a professional baker or photographer; so, go ahead … laugh at some of what you see! Trust me, I’m still learning!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Yours Truly,

Linda Ghostwriter

lghostwriter@yahoo.com — Shoot me an email!

I don’t tweet often, but I’m also on Twitter ( @lghostwriter )


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