Cranberry Apple Dump Cake!


It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, but here is the most fabulous cake that tastes so high end, but is extremely easy to make! The recipe is Ina Garten’s; you know, “Barefoot Contessa”. It is surely a keeper, and my father … well, he certainly thinks so!! I have to say that out of all of the baked good items that I have ever baked, this one has received the biggest, ” It’s so good it makes me want to cry” face from my father. He absolutely loved this cake! I hope you will too! Anytime is a good time to enjoy this cake, but in my opinion, the fall season is just perfect for this beauty, because the apples are at their best!

Here is a pic … Enjoy! Ohhh, the memory!!! I’ve baked this cake twice already, but I certainly can’t wait to bake this again!

Apple Cranberry Cake side

Cranberry and apple, the two of you combined,

It doesn’t take a genius to know that you’re “all mine”.

At least that’s what my father thinks each time I make this cake.

The recipe screams ” high-end”, but it’s really “easy bake”.

Ina calls it “Dump Cake”, but don’t let that change your mood.

‘Cause it’s a sweet and tangy combo and the taste … Oh, it’s so gooood!


Enjoy! Until the next bake! ( By the way, this was actually baked a while back in the fall)

Peace and blessings!

~Linda Ghostwriter

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