Pumpkin Brick

Pumpkin Brick

Have you ever baked a brick?

My Pumpkin Brick is great!

Rectangular, unlike a log;

It won’t roll off the plate.

Now, Pumpkin Log is nice,

And some call it a “Roll”

I chose to skip the rolling part;

Dear God, please bless my soul!

Written by Linda Ghostwriter

I call it Pumpkin Brick ... Pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling, sprinkled with confectioners sugar!

I call it Pumpkin Brick, when a small bread loaf pan is used to bake a delicious, spiced pumpkin treat, and the standard rolling technique is disregarded. The result is an unrolled, rectangular shaped “Pumpkin log” or “Pumpkin Roll”. With Mascarpone cheese filling still left from the Whoopie Pies and still tasting great … A brick can’t get better than that!           A Slice of Pumpkin Brick

Pumpkin Brick

How sweet it is.

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