Pumpkin Whoopie “LOL” Pies!

Thanksgiving is coming and so are the Pumpkin Whoopie Pies! This original New England treat has gone “pumpkin” for the Thanksgiving Day holiday and if that isn’t enough to make you yell, “Whoopie”; then, read Oh My, Whoopie (“LOL”) Pie, below. You know there had to be a poem

coming! …

Oh My , Whoopie (“LOL”) Pie!

Oh my, Whoopie ( LOL ) Pie,

‘So hard to win your game.

I lose each time I crack a smile,

When mentioning your name.

Whoopie! ( LOL ) Whoopie ( LOL )

There I go again!

Thanks. Now,  I’ll have to start all over,

(Ahem.) (Ahem!)

Oh my, Whoopie ( LOL ) Pie,

Now, this is my second try.

Won’t you let my thoughts get by?

Won’t you, Whoopie ( LOL ) Pie?

Oh no … ( LOL ) ( LOL )

There I go!


Oh my, Whoopie ( LOL ) Pie,

What gives between you and I?

Can’t you see,

I just want to ask why,

You taste so sweet,

And nothing’s complete,

Without that creamy filling inside?

Oh my, Whoopie ( LOL ) Pie,

I’m NOT giving up, and

I’m NOT giving in!



( LOL ) ( LOL ) ( LOL )

Okay. You win.

                                  Written by Linda Ghostwriter   

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with mascarpone cheese filling!

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies … forward march!

   For my Pumpkin Whoopies (lol), I simply used a King Author Flour recipe, and instead of cream cheese frosting for the filling, I used a mascarpone cheese filling, which can be tweaked to any level of sweetness. The result? Great reviews from everyone! So moist, with a soft cake goodness; the nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves pop with flavor, making this holiday treat extra spectacular! … My father really liked these, but then again, he loves practically everything I bake … ‘Love you Dad! Now, try for yourselves, these scrumptious, holiday ( and any day) delights! Enjoy!      

                                                        Linda Ghostwriter

More photos below!

A side view of my Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!

A side view !


Whoopies all wrapped up!

Airtight container!

Wrapped, boxed, and ready!           Email me  lghostwriter@yahoo.com





                        I’m on Twitter!


6 Responses

  1. Oh Dog! Those sound SO good! We might have to have Whoopie (LOL) pies for Thanksgiving too! PS: The poem Rocks!

    • Great, Rumpydog, and thanks! Hope your Thanksgiving is happy, and may your Whoopie ( LOL) pies turn out paw – some!

  2. I really love this poem. It reminds me of A. A. Milne for some reason. And the Whoopies (lol) look delicious!

    • Well thank you, Anne and thanks for visiting!

    • 🙂 I think it’s that if LOL had been an acronym in his time, he would have used it this way, sort of the way he used “hoppity” to hop up and down in one poem. And then maybe Whoopie (LOL) Pie reminds me of Cottleston Pie or I’d never have bothered?

      • Wow! I have never heard of Cottleston Pie until now, but I’ve read Benjamin Hoff’s, The Tao of Pooh. Thanks for this!

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