Celebrate a Rookie…With a Football Cookie!

Football Cookies with Dark Chocolate royal icing!

    the original smith island cake

Smith Island Cake !

Celebrate a Rookie …With a Football Cookie!                                    

Fall brings football.

Football brings rookies.

Rookies bring “bakers”,

And bakers bring cookies.

82 is his number, and he knows how to “bake”.

The story is he’s Torrey,

Baking “Smith”Island Cake!

On the field, it looks too simple,

Despite the many layers

Of sweet, Maryland goodness;

Of bitter, Philli glares.

For, he’s a Raven …Thank you, John!

“Are you ready for some Footbaaaaall?”

…A rookie to dominate,

…A cookie to celebrate,

…and fall to bring it all.

Written by: Linda Ghostwriter

Email me at lghostwriter@yahoo.com





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  1. Thanks! I’m glad you like this post Rompydog!

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