Sweet Boston ( Boston Cream Pie )

Boston Creme Pie with a raspberry flower design

Boston Cream Pie with a raspberry flower design


Sweet Boston (Boston Cream Pie)

 Sweet Boston,

Are you a cake or a pie?

I often ask why

You dazzle me so

Is it for show?

So creamy and thick

Your appearance does trick

For are you a dream

Of sweet pastry cream

Light, satiny smooth …

And extreme?

Yes, it’s you that I taste

Dark ganache on your face

Making hard, your outer shell

And making all haste

 Of eyes that feast upon

Your bittersweet coat

Of mouths that scream,

“I won’t, I won’t, I …”

Oh, you tease me, Sweet Boston Cream

I can’t resist your ways

Like sin, you win

Making short my slim days,

And the innocent haze that use to gaze over

                …sweet Boston

                                       written by Linda Ghostwriter

                                                                                                     Email me at  lghostwriter@yahoo.com





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2 Responses

  1. I say Cake!!!! Whoever created and named this yummy dessert was high on something other then flour shortening and water, AKA pie crust. Although it is a favored dessert it is a rare bake around here. I use yellow cake (in response to your talkfood post) and vanilla pudding for the filling.

    • Yum, this sounds good! Vanilla pudding makes a fine filling … Now, I’m wanting a piece!

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